Low light plants

Our favourite low light plants that are so low maintenance even the shadiest of homes!

Peace lily

Peace lily in hands

A firm favourite in the plant world - peace lilies are super easy care and don't mind lower light conditions. Keep them watered and they'll be happy.

But don't worry - if you forget to water them - they tell you by drooping over, but magically perk back up within in a day after you give them a good drink. 

Peace lilies also love humidity so make great bathroom plants. If you want to mimic this environment elsewhere in your home, try using a humidifier or misting your plant regularly.



Marble Queen Pothos

The Pothos is another well loved, unfussy houseplant. There are a number of different species to collect as well. Above is the Marble Queen Pothos, but you will also find Satin Pothos, Golden Pothos, Global Green Pothos, N'joy Pothos and more!

These plants are very fast growing, trailing plants - a very satisfying plant to own. They are very easy care, only requiring watering every couple weeks, but they would forgive you if you watered less than that. 

Often I have forgotten to water mine for a month and they have always bounced back totally fine. 


Snake plant

Snake plant in stand

The snake plant is probably the most famous hardy plant. They can tolerate pretty much anything you throw at them. As long as you don't overwater these plants, they will be fine. 

They can tolerate long period of drought but you should ideally water every couple of weeks in the spring and summer. Just make sure you check the soil is dry before you decide to water.


Prayer plants

Prayer plant maranta

I think prayer plants are one of the most beautiful plants in the plant world. They have gorgeous leaves that look like they have been painted and they spread and trail as they grow, creating gorgeous statement plants.

These guys burn in direct sunlight so are a perfect low light plant. Water them when the top of the soil feels dry and keep humidity high if you can. They are very easy to propagate too which is fun!


Just remember low light does not mean no light and all plants need light because it's their food! Good luck plant parents!

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