Plant Care

  • Peperomia

    The Peperomia family contains over 1500 species of plants. The tend to be small compact plants and there is huge variation within the family. Some ...
  • Begonia Maculata

    The polka dot begonia or begonia maculata is a great choice if you are looking for a statement plant. The usually spotty leaves make them very easy...
  • Fishbone cactus

    Everyone's favourite - the fishbone cactus or Epiphyllum Anguliger. This wacky pet safe plant is always very popular and you can see why!  Light: B...
  • Asparagus fern

    Asparagus ferns are like mini jungles and I can't get enough of them! They are fluffy and gorgeous and surprisingly easy to care for! Read below fo...
  • Boston fern

    How to care for your boston fern like a pro
  • Snake plants

    How to care for your snake plants like a pro
  • Tradescantia

    How to care for your tradescantia like a pro
  • Pothos

    How to care for your pothos plants like a pro
  • Calatheas, Marantas and Ctenanthes

    How to care for your Calatheas, Marantas and Ctenanthes like a pro
  • Monstera deliciosa

    How to care for your Monstera Deliciosa like a pro
  • String of hearts

    How to care for your string of hearts like a pro