5 MUST READ tips for people that kill house plants

Have you ever wondered how plant shops manage to keep hundreds of plants alive at once and keep them all healthy and growing? We would love to say its all the hard work we put into each one of them but the secret is once you know about individual plants they are so much easier than you think.


Remember where your plant comes from.

All you really need to know about your plant is the light conditions it needs and how much water they need. It can be handy to have a quick google search of where your plant has come from to think of the conditions it would be used to in the wild. A cactus won’t do well in shaded spots for example as then are used to the dryness and heat from the desert.

TIP - Don’t be put off by the Latin names of plants - most plants have more commonly used names.


Buy easy plants first

Spider plants, Snake plants and ZZ plants are the best plants for beginners. They’re not fussy or high maintenance and can thrive in most light conditions. 

TIP - Terrarium's are a great starter to plants. They are completely self contained so you barely need to care for them.

There’s a plant for every room.

Do you live in a space with little light or a small space you don’t know where to put plants. There is a plant for YOU. There really is a plant for every space. 

Some great spots for your house plants

  • On top of the fridge. I love the look of trailing plants like a string of heart of pothos trailing beside the fridge.
  • Bathroom. Ferns are the perfect bathroom plant. They love humidity and indirect light.
  • Desks, shelves and coffee tables - Most plants will be happy in a bright but not directly sunny spot. Calatheas, pothos’ and even some ferns would be perfect fr these spots.
  • Ceiling or wall. Lots of plants will be happy hanging from a planter. Here’s our window display at the moment showing off some our favourites at the moment.

Plant leaves die sometimes.

Plant leaves can die for a whole host of reasons, over or under watering, too much or too little light or from something like pest. Like any living thing though plant leaves can die because it has reached the end of its cycle.

TIP - You can snip off any brown or yellow leaves - it won’t do the plant any harm. 


Don’t overwater

You want to show your house plants all the love and you think giving it lots of water is the way to do that but overwatering is probably the biggest plant killer.

All plants need a different amount of water but most only need watered once every week or two and even less in winter. 


TIP - You can love your plants in other ways like misting, dusting and repotting when they’ve out grown their pot.

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