5 reasons plants are great for your health!

Plants are the gift that keep on giving. We can watch them grow, make plants out of plants, give cuttings to our loved ones and make our spaces feel more alive and happy. There are countless benefits to owning plants but here’s just 5 reasons why plants are great for you.


#1 They purify the air!


A 1989 NASA study determined that household plants could help remove chemicals such as benzene and formaldehyde from the air. Some plants are particularly good at removing specific contaminants, for example the snake plant (which is also among the easiest plants to care for.)


#2 They are great stress relievers!


Studies show plants can not only improve mood and reduce stress they also can reduce blood pressure and one study even shows patients in hospital rooms with plants reported decreased post-operative pain.


#3 The perfect way to decorate your home.


We think plants look great anywhere and any home can benefit from house plants (even homes without a lot of light!)

Those that have more plants have also proven to be more productive in workspaces. Feeling calm and your mind the mental boost it needs to improve your productivity


#4 Plant care is a great mindful activity 

Do you ever do something and just feel totally distracted from the outside world? Plants offer an incredible escape from the stress of day to day life. If you're ever feeling agitated or irritable after a stressful day, why not give your all your plants leaves a little TLC or do some pruning. I promise you'll feel better afterwards! 

#5 Gift cuttings to friends.

One of the great joys of owning houseplants is propagating and giving cuttings to friends. If you’re a beginner to propagation do not be intimidated - its actually pretty simple. Not all plants can be propagated with just a leaf or a section of plant but here’s some that can be…

  • Fishbone cacti
  • Prayer plants
  • Tradescantia
  • Spider plant
  • ZZ plant
  • Monstera Deliciosa

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