The Pothos plant or Epipremnum Areum is part of the arum family 'Araceae'. There are quite a few variation of the pothos, the standard Epipremnum Aureum is the Golden Pothos, variation include the marble queen pothos, n'joy pothos, satin pothos, manjula pothos and the pearls and jade pothos. 

Pothos plants have gorgeous heart shape leaves that create beautiful vines, and they are some of the easiest plants in the world to take care of. Tolerant of low light, low humidity and drought - they are the perfect plant for people who often feel too busy to tend to houseplants.

Unfussy about light

Pothos can tolerate most light conditions, making them ideal for UK homes. Their preferred light is bright indirect, so if you want to see the healthiest and fastest growth, aim for a bright room but avoid harsh sunlight for long periods of time. If the sun is too bright, the colour may become pale, and if the leaves loose their variegation this is a sign off too little light.

Fairly drought tolerant

When it comes to watering your pothos, you want to allow them to dry out before you water. I tend to leave mine until the leaves begin to droop and the pot feels light when lifted up (indication of dry soil) and then I chuck it in the shower and give it a good rinse and thorough watering with lukewarm water. Make sure you allow the excess water to drain away - they don't like soggy water!

Lover of humidity

The pothos plants do enjoy high humidity but this isn't essential at all, my largest one lives on a high shelf and I never mist it or do anything to create a humid environment and it is absolutely fine. It will be happy to be misted regularly or kept in a humid environment but don't let this put you off if you can't be bothered!

Good idea to feed

It's best to feed all your plants during the spring and summer, I like to do this every second time I water my plants if I remember! The pothos should be ok if you don't do this but for the healthiest growth I would recommend some plant food in the warmer months.

Easy to propagate

One of the best things about Pothos is how easy they are to propagate. All you need to do is chop the vine up into pieces, include at least one leaf and one node and pot it in some water. Change the water every few days and in a few weeks you will have roots! You can then plant these cuttings up in some potting mix and they will continue to grow into new plants.


Repot your pothos into some well draining soil like our Perfect Potting Mix when you notice the roots growing out the drainage holes of it's pot. Don't give it too much extra room though, you only want to increase the pot size by an inch or two otherwise the soil will stay wet too long and lead to root rot.

Good luck! Please get in touch if you have any questions about your pothos or any of your other plants - we are always more than happy to help.

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