Snake plants

Snake plants are famously easy care - they are super hardy and resilient but you still need to know their favourite conditions. Read below to find out my favourite tips for happy snake plants!


Snake plants grow fastest in bright indirect light, but they can tolerate almost all lighting conditions. They are totally fine in a shadier spot that most plants wouldn't enjoy and they will also tolerate some direct sunshine. 


This is where some people probably go wrong and feel disappointed that they managed to kill even the most unkillable of plants! DO NOT OVERWATER a snake plant! Snake plants could survive months and months with no water and will not thank you if you start watering it 'little and often'. The best practice is to water thoroughly and then leave the plants to fully dry out before watering thorough again. This could mean only watering once per month or ever less. 

Many people think overwatering means don't give plants too much water, but it actually means don't water too regularly. It is essential that snake plants are left to fully dry out, and always allow excess water to drain away.


Prefer a dry environment, average household humidity is absolutely fine.


You can feed your snake plants with every second watering during the spring and summer for the best growth but it is not essential. Don't feed during the winter months.

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