String of hearts

How to care for your string of hearts like a pro.

String of hearts close up

The string of hearts or Ceropegia woodii is a gorgeous trailing plant native to South Africa. It has gorgeous heart shaped leaves and makes the perfect feature on any mantlepiece or shelf. A must have for any houseplant enthusiast. They can be a little tricky to care for but with the right information you should be absolutely fine. Knowledge is power right?!

If you don't have much time... 

  • Water: only when soil is completely dry
  • Light: lots of bright, indirect light
  • Humidity: Normal household is fine
  • Food: Roughly once a month in warmer months

Go easy on the watering

String of hearts are semi-succulent plants, this makes them sensitive to overwatering and it is always better for them to be sat in dry soil than soggy soil.

It is best to allow the soil to dry out completely before watering again. Sometimes bottom watering may be useful if the soil is tricky to get to or isn't absorbing the water. To do this, simply fill a bowl or jug with some water and pop the plant pot in it so the water comes about half way up the pot. Leave it there for roughly half an hour to allow the soil to soak up some water then remove it and allow the excess water to drain away. 

This plant will require much less water in the Autumn or Winter months.

Lots of light

Keep your string of hearts in a bright spot, it can tolerate a little direct light but you don't want it to be sat in direct light all day - so avoid a south facing window!

Leggy growth (big spaces between leaves) is a sure fire sign that the plant is not receiving enough light.

Normal humidity

The string of hearts enjoys 40-50% humidity and temperatures in the region of 18 and 24 degrees celsius making it well suited to most UK homes without any addition humidity.

Occasional feeding

Can be fed with a weak dilution of plant food at most once a month during the spring and the summer. Will not require any feeding in the colder months.

Common mistakes

  • Overwatering: The most common mistake with this plant is probably overwatering. If in doubt, it is always better to not water because plants can survive underwatering but not overwatering. Another good way to tell if the plant needs watering is to pick up the pot regularly to help you learn the weight of the pot when it is full of water and when it is completely dry. Only water when the pot is light and the soil is completely dry.
  • Not enough sunlight: You need to ensure the plant gets light on the top of the pot as well as the trailing leaves, this will help keep the top full and luscious. So try to avoid keeping your string of hearts on a shady shelf and opt for a bright fireplace instead (as long as the fire doesn't get used regularly!).

If you would like a string of hearts to add to your plant collection you can find one here!

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