We offer at-home repotting and plant care services from £50 for those plant lovers that don't have time or space to carry out all their plant care duties themselves. The ideal time to repot your plants is between March-September when the plants are no longer dormant.

If this sounds like something you might like to arrange, please contact us using this contact form or emailing us at

What's included?

Initial consultation: We will need to speak to you first to find out what exactly you require from us, then we can provide a quote. This can be done via email or phone.

Supplies: We will provide all new nursery pots and soil. We will also bring with us all the tools to provide care to your plants.

Labour: We will do all the hard work! You're welcome to watch/join in if you want to learn but otherwise you can just sit back and relax whilst we take care of your plants. 


We charge £50 per hour for these visits, with a minimum £50 charge. If special supplies are required such as moss poles for plants that require support, additional costs may apply.