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The Perfect Potting Mix - All Rounder

The Perfect Potting Mix - All Rounder

Repotting your plants is an important and necessary part of being a plant parent - but it can feel daunting. Your average bag of general purpose soil from the garden centre won’t cut it sadly and buying all the components for a great soil mix can be costly and take up a lot of space.

That’s where The Perfect Potting Mix comes in - hand mixed here at Holly Grows to provide the best general purpose soil possible. It has worm castings for nutrients, coco coir for moisture retention and perlite and orchid bark for drainage.

Remember most plants prefer to be repotted in the spring/summer and only if there are roots coming out the bottom of the pot. Only go up an inch or two in pot size. If your plant desperately needs repotting - it will be fine to repot in the winter.

£5 per 2L bag. Enough to repot roughly four 14cm pots.

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