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The Plant Rescue Box

The Plant Rescue Box

Waste is a huge problem in all aspects of life and the houseplant world is no different.

Sarah, the founder of @theplantrescuer hopes to change that. Sarah has begun working with small businesses to help reduce this waste by selling less desirable plants at a discount rate in the plant rescuer boxes. We are so excited to have joined forces with Sarah to bring you affordable plants and reduce waste.


How does it work?

We often have plants that are slightly less perfect and cannot be sold at full price. Or plants that we have had for a while and need to shift. We still want these plants to go to homes where they will be given the TLC they deserve. The boxes will be available periodically when we have enough plants to make up a handful of boxes.


What will I receive?

The boxes will contain 2-4 plants, and will vary in size. The plants will be randomly chosen from what's available so you will not know what you are getting - a fun surprise! They will cost £14.99 each and be available for UK wide delivery, local delivery or click and collect.


What condition will be the plants be in?

The condition of the plants will vary, but most will only have minor damage that won't cause any long term problems. These boxes are great for plant experts who can recognise what any problems are and give them the care they need. They are also a great way to learn about rehabilitating plants if you're just starting out. 

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